One of a Thousand

Dear Friends:

I bring you greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I am writing to you today out of a heart of obedience and trust in our Lord. Over the past week I have not been able to get these words out of my mind and heart: “Not too much; not too little!” I have been quiet before the Lord seeking understanding from Him. Let me share what I have seen and heard.

From the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament to the Ten Talents of the New Testament, our God has not imposed too much upon us or required too much of us. The number 10 in the Bible is considered to be a symbol of obedience and responsibility towards God’s instructions. It also means completion.

I believe that we must be busy about completing the task of taking the Gospel across our towns, counties, states, the United States, and every nation.  I believe that I am to ask a thousand people to be a part of this endeavor by inviting them to pray earnestly with us, go with us when possible, and to join in giving $10 a month so that monies will never hinder us from carrying out this task.

Will you be

One of a Thousand

to join with us by

Praying, Going and Giving?

“Not too much; not too little!”

Together we can go many places and reap the Harvest where others have sown, and we can plant and water many new seeds of the Gospel. Will you help us go and shatter every reason that seeks to stop the spreading the Gospel?

If you choose to be One of a Thousand, you can register your decision in the form below or print and mail the commitment card link below. Mark the appropriate boxes of how you are choosing to participate: Praying, Going, or Giving. Donations can be made online by clicking Donate above, or by mail to:

Across Festivals

PO Box 378

Tigerville, SC 29688

As our friend, Jay Wolf says: “We need Jesus, and we need each other!” Thank you so much for your considerations!

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